Over the next while—not sure how long it will be!—I’m hoping to preach through the narrative of the Bible, from beginning to end. Every narrative section—from the well known to the obscure, from passages seen as key to those that seem peripheral or even strange—all with the purpose of our getting the Biblical story. It’s probably going to be a long project, so buckle yourselves in! I hope you hear in this resolution, too, my desire to be with you for some time to come!

I think that immersing ourselves in the story of Scripture is one of the best things we can do for our spiritual and communal health. The communal hearing and owning of the story of the Bible, especially as we share our lives together in other ways, binds us together. As we hear that story, we find that God in His mercy and kindness speaks with us and deals with us together, binding us more closely into a community held together in His love. A true community is a community that has a common story, that hears a common word—and a group of people that cannot find that common story or will not hear that common word cannot hold together. Our existence, order, sustenance and destiny is all given through God’s word to us.

And it is not just true for us as God’s people. We live in a world made for the word of God, a world which has its true being as God’s word comes to it and orders it. This is God’s world, and has its existence, order, sustenance and destiny all given by the Word of God. We, God’s people, helps the world find a way to God’s order and shalom as we eagerly hear and do the Word of God and let it do among us God’s creative and redemptive work. Hear it!